Test Results

Test Results will be confidentially sent to physician by laboratory. Most physicians or medical practices have a account set up with laboratory.

Faxed Results

Practices and agencies who wish to receive faxed results have a variety of faxing options to choose from.


View Results Online

Online access to view lab results may be available by most major laboratories as long physician or practice has active account with patients laboratory of choice.

Online access to view lab results is available for all active Bio-Care accounts. Click here to send a message to a Bio-Care representative for your Login information.

Login Form

Save Results Without Scanning


  • Login from anywhere with internet access
  • Search All Results for your account or Search by Patient
  • Print/Save Final Results
  • Save .PDF directly to your medical records folders
  • Open/Print when needed

If your practice/agency is new to Bio-Care and would like to create an account, Click here to fill out a Bio-Care inquiry and a Bio-Care regional representative will then contact your practice/agency.

Faxed Results

Lab results will be faxed to the ordering physician and home health agency (when applicable) by laboratory. Additional accounts such as pharmacies and other attending physicians may be added to orders to receive results .


Final Reports

Results will be faxed by laboratory once all tests on the patient lab order have been completed. Final reports will indicate that all tests have been completed.

Partial Results

Some lab orders may have tests that have a longer turnaround time than others (i.e. Cultures, Vitamin D). Instead of waiting for all tests to be completed.

Critical Results

Critical lab results may be faxed by laboratory as soon as they are available allowing for providers to get a head start on critical patient care. Once all tests have been completed and the values have been called in, ordering physician or practice should also receive a final report.


Turn Around Time

Bio-Care Services treats every specimen as a priority. Patient or physician laboratory of choice begin testing immediately following the phlebotomists’ dropoff of the patient’s collected specimen at the laboratory.

Results for most routine tests are available the evening that the home visit was performed.

All critical results will be called in by laboratory to the ordering physician and home health agency (when applicable) as soon as they are available.

Bio-Care Critical Values

Critical value results are called into the ordering physician as soon as they are available by patient laboratory of choice.

To view, a list of Bio-Care critical values ranges click on the link below.